PayPal Mobile Card Reader | How Its Works

PayPal Mobile Card Reader is a simple way of processing in person your payments. It’s pocket friendly and it’s works compatible with mobile devices to enable you get paid as you go.

PayPal Mobile Card Reader

How Does PayPal Credit Card Reader Works?

  • Check if the PayPal Credit Card Reader is compatible with your mobile device
  • If yes go ahead and download the app on your mobile device
  • Plug your mobile Card Reader in to the Audio jack
  • When you’re done downloading, begin to swipe all major credit and debit cards.

PayPal Credit Card Reader

  • Accessories Receipt Printers – card reader can print out professional looking receipt quickly
  • Cash Drawers – it arranges you cash and help keep your money safely with these cash – drawer options.
  • At the point of sale stands – use tablet that are enclose and are easy to use and also protect your device.

How Do I Set Up My Card Reader?

  • After downloading your app on your compatible mobile device
  • Plug the card reader into the audio jack of your mobile phone or table
  • When you’re logged in to the app, the card reader will connect immediately
  • Then, test the reader by swiping a credit card from the main menu,
  • Select “Card Reader” and then click “ practice Swiping”

How To Test Your Card Reader

  • Click on the menu widget and select “Card Readers”
  • On the next page, click on “Tutorials”
  • Scroll down to the button and click on click “Practice Swiping
  • Next, plug your card reader into your smartphone audio jack, it will indicate that you’re connected.
  • Test the card reader by scanning a credit or debit card
  • The icon will show you or notify you that it’s successful swipe.

How To Solve Troubleshooting Your Reader

• If you have issues with your phone not recognizing the card reader? disconnect and reconnect them and Check if it fit in well
• If your phone is recognizing the device but the card reader is not reading? Make sure that the magnetic stripe on the card is in good condition and ensure that you swipe in one continuous notion still the full stripe

Customer Support Team Phone Number

Reach out to PayPal Customer Support team for help at 1-877-569-1136.

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