Luma MasterCard is offered by Capital One Bank. The credit card is designed to restructure poor credit history for its cardholders. The credit card makes improvements your credit score. No annual fee.


Luma MasterCard Benefits

  • Eligibility access requirements if you’re new have  CCJ or other use with your credit rating 
  • No nasty surprise – no hidden charges 
  • Theirs is no annual fee charges 
  • Cardholders manages accounts with ease and a credit limit up to £1500. 
  • Online account management and mobile app can aid access to account anytime and anywhere 
  • Automated fraud alerts and free identity protection, that ensure your account safety 
  • Guides are given to use your card responsibly and improves your credit rate and how to build your credit score. 
  • Streamline your household finances thereby be in charge of your general expenses. 
  • Extended Warranty – card users get additional warranty protection at no charge on items that are purchased with your credit card. 
  • Travel Accident Insurance 

Luma MasterCard Fees and Rates 

  • APR For purchases – 35.94/ 
  • APR for Cash Advances – 35.94%
  • Balance transfer – 35.94%
  • Paying Interest – 56 days 
  • Annual Fee – 
  • Foreign Transaction Fee –  3%
  • Transfer – 3% of the account of each transferred
  • Cash Advance Fee – 3.0%  or £3
  • Balance transfer fee – 3.0%
  • Late payment – Up to £12
  • Returned payment – £12

How To Apply for Luma MasterCard

To apply for this card take the following steps :

  • Go to the Web page of Capital One Financial Corporation[US] 
  • Click on” Apply Now” widget
  • On the new page, key in your personal information such as Title, First name, middle MI , last name. 
  • Date of Birth
  • Do you live in the UK? (Yes or No) 
  • Answer questions: Do you live in the UK? (yes or no) 
  • Time at current address (Years & Months) 
  • House/Flat Name/Number 
  • Postcode 
  • Work & Finances: Your total yearly income before taxes ( include your job, benefits, investments, pension) Monthly Income, 
  • Employment Status, Occupation 
  • Are you interested in taking an immediate cash Advance (Yes or No) 
  • Account Set up: Email, Confirm Email
  • Sign up for online only statements (Yes or No) 
  • Phone numbers; Mobile number, Home Number, Work number 
  • Do you want to add an extra Cardholders? ( Yes or No) 
  • Read through all the important information displayed on the page. 
  • Click on the “Submit Application”  button. 

Luma MasterCard Activation 

To activate your Capital One Luma MasterCard

  • First, search for activation Info on the card where cards can be activated 
  • Create an online account with your personal details such as date if birth, SSN, an email address, a password and an account number 
  • Next your info on credit card number, full name and the Security code at the back of your card
  • Then,  Click on the “Submit “ button. 

To Activate via phone 

  • First of all daily the phone number, 0333 000 0477 (For UK) or +44 333 000, 433 (From Outside the UK) 

How  To Login Luma MasterCard

  • Sign in to the home page of Capital One Financial Corporation 
  • Click on the “Sign In”  widget 
  • Then, Enter your Username, Password. 
  • The scroll to the “Sign In” button. 

How To Recover Luma MasterCard

  • From the Sign in Section, click on the “Forgot Username and password” link 
  • It takes you to the next page, key in your
  • Last name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth
  • Then scroll down and click on the “find me”button. 

How To Make Bill payment With Luma MasterCard

To make your bill payment with Luma MasterCard 

  • Set up a direct debit in your account sign in online, go ‘Pay Bill’ option and select ‘Set upb/Amend Direct Debit ‘ and follow the instructions. 
  • Online banking 
  • At bank 
  • Standing Order, Telephone or internet banking. (sort code – 40-02-50
  • Or by Mail

Capital One Card Service 

P. O. Box 5283


NG2 9 HD

For Cheque 

Capital One  Europe Plc

P. O. Box 1517, Northampton, 

NN1 9 GZ

Report card Lost or Stolen 

To report your card lost or stolen card contact at 0800-597-0178 (UK) +44 333 000 433

Luma MasterCard Customer service number

For your information and any enquiries call the Customer Care Centre at  0800 597 0065

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